Incidence of VAT/ Sales Tax takes place when property in goods is transferred against a consideration. Since 2005 the State Sales Tax has been replace with VAT (Value Addition Tax) so that to eliminate cascading effect of tax in the previous sales tax regime. VAT is a tax on end consumer. A registered dealer who pays VAT on its purchases and obtains a Tax Invoice can claim its credit and adjust it against his VAT liability. Different rates of VAT, depending upon category of goods, are specified in the State VAT law. Same rates are applied in case of interstate sales if not against C-Form. 

  • Obtaining fresh registration under State VAT Act and Central Sales Tax Act.
  • Modification of Registrations where required.
  • E-filing of Returns.
  • Evolving assorted modules and formats to facilitate better monitoring and compliance of law.
  • Preparation of records for Yearly Assessment.
  • Educating the Client about tax saving methods
  • Keeping the Client updated – about change in law.
  • Undertaking correspondence with the Authorities.
  • Preparation and submission of replies to departmental objections, Show Cause Notices, Appeals to Appellate Authorities, Writ Petitions, etc.,
  • Represent the Client before VAT department and judicial forums.
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