Customs Lew and Procedures significantly impact the operating costs. Hence, all import Export activities need to be attended by people well versed in this area. Generally it is relegated to incompetent and indifferent people who often flounder and cause losses. We enfold some very competitive people who vigilantly supervise the import export activities to restrict the costs. Gist of Services we provided, to facilitate the industry, is as under.


  • Registration of IEC, AD Code, Advance Authorization, etc., at Port(s).
  • Hassle free clearance of Import consignments, including bulk cargo.
  • Dealing issues related to valuation of import consignments.
  • Handling and monitoring Export Consignments.
  • Ensuring proper documentation where the consignment is cleared under a benefit under Foreign Trade Policy.
  • Arranging, and engaging thriftiest shipping lines for the Client’s import and export consignments.
  • Submission of ‘Bond’ / ‘Bank Guarantee’ against Duty Free imports.
  • Release of ‘Bond’ / ‘Bank Guarantee’ after redemption of cases.
  • Preparation and submission of replies to objections, Anti-dumping issues, Show Cause Notices, Appeals to Appellate Authorities, Writ Petitions, etc.
  • Represent the Client before Customs Authorities and judicial forums. 
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