Service Tax

With effect from 1st July 2012 there is a paradigm shift in the basis for levying Service. The concept of Negative List of Services has replaced the previous system of levying Service Tax on selective basis. The new regime is set to be imposed tax on all services except that of Negative List. It is accentuated with various new terms and concepts viz. “Declared services”, “Bundled services”, “Taxable territory”, “and Place of Provision of Services Rules”, “Reverse Charge Mechanism”, “Abatements”, etc. Accordingly, unlike previous regime, the manufacturer and service providers need to be more vigilant in discharging their Service Tax liabilities. Gist of Services we provided, to facilitate the industry, is as under.


  • Obtaining new registration
  • Modification of existing registration if required.
  • Evolving assorted modules and formats for better compliance of law. 
  • Optimizing Cenvat Credit benefit.
  • Monthly reconciliation of Service Tax vis-à-vis other facts and figures. 
  • Preparation and submission of Periodical Returns.
  • Conducting pre-audit to preempt avoidable litigation.
  • Works Contract under Service Tax.
  • Filing and handling of refund claims.
  • Keeping the Client updated – about change in law.
  • Undertaking correspondence with the Authorities.
  • Preparation and submission of replies to objections, Anti-dumping issues, Show Cause Notices, Appeals to Appellate Authorities, Writ Petitions, etc.
  • Represent the Client before Customs Authorities and judicial forums. 
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